Becoming A Writer Or An Internet Marketer? It’s Easier Than You Think

Every writer, whether a professional or an aspiring writer, must make sure to hone his or her writing skills. This is because a writer’s words act as his or her avatar – the person who gives the book or article its voice. If one is not careful with his or her diction, syntax, style, sentence structure, etc., then a writer can easily come off as unprofessional, even uninteresting. It’s like dressing down in front of the mirror; it looks terrible.


While this might go without saying, most writers need to have solid spelling, grammar, and word usage skills. Without such heightened awareness of the proper rules of grammar, word usage, sentence construction, and word usage, writers obviously lack the fundamental base of their craft. This can actually be one of the easiest and fastest ways to get dismissed as a “bad writer” or “not a good writer.” For some reason, it seems that famous writers are exempt from this rule. I am not sure why that is, but I will say this: there are very few well-known authors who cannot write in at least decent English.

Creative writers often work from home, or they are self-employed. While there are some well-known commercial writers who do not work for major companies or work from home, there are many more who do. As such, there are many freelance writers out there who do great work as content writers. But while a content writer can write about practically anything (and the Internet has made this very easy), it is almost impossible to be considered a creative writer unless one actually writes for a living.

Well, maybe you do not work for a company, but if you have your own online business or blog, then you can probably call yourself a creative writer. Just because you do not work for a company does not mean you cannot be considered a creative writer. Of course, most writers are not paid well, but the good news is that with a good book you can make an incredible amount of money. And, a good blog can also make an enormous amount of money, even if the traffic is minimal. So, yes, you can be both a writer and an Internet marketer at the same time.

Some traditional authors earn well in their fields; others struggle. However, the median income for most writers is not very much. And of all writers, those who do not get any residual income and those who are paid poorly will be most likely to struggle. However, it should also be noted that just because you are not getting a major salary or a big advance, it does not mean you cannot be as successful as those authors who do get such. All you need to do is create a unique website, offer informative articles, or do whatever you like to draw in readers. If you are able to do so, you can easily become a very successful content writer and then a blogger as well.

Finally, one of the most interesting areas that these creative writers are blazing new trails in is the world of short stories and novels. The main thing that separates the successful authors from the unsuccessful ones is their ability to create a gripping, even captivating, story. Of course, there are a number of other factors that determine whether a novel is successful or not. However, short stories and books are the easiest to write and the easiest to market. If you can write a short story, you can write books.