Types of Art and Their Purpose

Art is an expansive field of human endeavors which involve an attempt to creatively express beauty, strength, emotion, technical ability, or other subjective ideas through a physical medium. The visual arts, such as painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture, have existed for centuries. In recent years, the field has developed into many different sub-disciplines, each with their own unique artistry, as well as its own interpretation.


Art is an extremely broad area, and encompasses many things beyond the actual visual arts. Film, music, and literature are all expressions of art, but each can be thought of as an expression of art as it relates to those mediums. The architecture and interiors of buildings and homes are also forms of art, and there are many different types of art. There is figurative art, such as in porcelain, stone, and wood, as well as non-representational pieces, such as ceramics and modern furniture. Sculpture is the art of building and arranging physical structures, while painting is an attempt to express an idea through a series of representative images.

While some artists do belong to more than one of these fields, the majority of contemporary artists use at least some of their time to work on both. Some artists specialize in one or two of these areas, while others paint in a variety of styles. There are still others who are interested only in painting, and in constructing and assembling various forms of architecture and interior design. For these artists, art is an expression of the mind, and they tend to focus on visual abstractions and landscapes.

Painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture are currently the most popular kinds of art. More contemporary artists, however, may choose to focus on the construction and assembling of electronic or robotic devices. These artists’ works can be considered art in the digital era, since these devices can imitate almost anything that an artist wants to create. These artists can create paintings that look like a television set, or they may make music that sounds like an electronic machine. Video games, wearable art, and computer animation have also become major forms of contemporary art. Many of these new types of art are being exhibited at art galleries, exhibits, and shows more frequently, due to the increasing popularity of these newer kinds of visual art form.

Photography is an important part of the visual arts, since artists can capture the beauty of scenery through photographs. Modern technology has made it easy to take a simple photograph and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece of art. There are many different kinds of photographic art, including photo realistic paintings, images of abstract objects or landscape, and photographic expressions of feelings. Artistic photographers capture scenes with a variety of camera devices, and sometimes use techniques such as refractory glass or opaque lenses in order to create unique artistic compositions.

Art has been used to express many things throughout history. The visual arts play an important role in conveying many important ideas, such as love, romance, loss, disappointment, and grief. Paintings, music, movies, and sculpture have all been used to express opinions and emotions through art forms. Nowadays, art has evolved into a way of expressing self-expression through various mediums. There are a number of different types of art, each having its own unique purpose and aesthetic feel.