How Is Paintings Done?

While there are literally thousands of types of painting techniques, the most commonly used are the easel technique, the flat brush technique, the stencil painting technique, and the oil painting technique. The difference between these techniques is the tools that are used to paint with. The easel technique usually requires a canvas and a stand while the flat brush technique requires no additional tools. The stencil painting technique uses oil paints on the canvas and requires no additional tools.


Painters use pigments, water, oil, and other media to create art. Pigments are used to determine the color of the paint. There are three basic types of pigments available for purchase; they are calcareous, semisolid and liquid pigments. These different pigments are mixed with water to create a thick, pasted, paste like material that will hold the paint pigments on the surface of the canvas. Water is also used to aid in the mixing process.

Pigments are applied to the support surface in thin, even strokes. The term painting is usually defined by the time period of the painting. An abstract painting would not be considered a term painting, for example, if it took months for it to dry. Term paintings generally have a very short period of history.

In paintings of the American west, the brushstrokes are usually clean, sharp, and high-contrast compared to paintings done earlier in Europe. Brushstrokes also give the painting a unique look because it adds different textures and colors. This style of western painting began when European artists brought their own pigments from Turkey and began to paint with these pigments. Over time the use of this new material became common in European painting and it eventually became referred to as European painting. This type of western painting has its roots in the art of the Incas in South America.

Today, when most people hear the term painting they think of paintings on canvas. Canvas paintings are still widely popular and have a long history. Old Spanish and French paintings were made on canvases as well. However, today, most modern paintings are on canvas. There are many different types of canvas used in modern art, including cotton canvas, synthetic canvas, and fiberglass.

Traditional painting techniques have been around for thousands of years. It’s only natural that new innovations in painting techniques and mediums continue to be created by talented artists all over the world. You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional painting styles if you don’t want to. If you’re looking for a way to broaden your creative mind, consider all the possibilities of modern art.