The Relationship Between an Author and an Editor


The relationship between an author and an editor is often a source of tension. As the author’s only liaison to the publishing house, the author’s work has to be captivating enough to attract the attention of an editor. The editor’s role can also be an important one, if he or she engages the audience in the act of writing as a social activity.

The word author has many definitions, but most people associate it with a writer. In fact, the word “author” can mean anyone responsible for creating something. It derives from the Latin word auctorem, which means “founder, master, or leader.” But in our daily lives, it most often refers to a professional writer. The term author is also often used interchangeably with the term “writer,” which refers to a person who conceives an idea and executes it.

If an author publishes a book, he or she receives royalties from each sale. These royalties are usually between 10 and 12 percent of the retail price of the book. However, some authors have managed to earn up to 60 percent of royalties from self-publishing. Some publishers may even offer advance payments against future royalties.