Examples of Art in Different Cultures


Examples of Art in Different Cultures

Art is a broad spectrum of human activities which involve an attempt to communicate visual creativity, aesthetic beauty, strength, emotional power, or other conceptual ideas to the public through a medium such as the arts and sciences. For many philosophers and artists, art is defined by the form of perception, not the end product of any given activity. They believe that art is the result of inspiration gone wild. In general, art is seen as a form of expression, where the artist puts forth in his work all types of emotions that he may be feeling at the time.

The visual arts encompass all the arts and sciences which have been developed in the history of mankind. Of late, the visual arts are of greater importance than ever before in the modern era. Many contemporary fine artists have responded to the call for more humane and sensitive expressions of feelings, in the wake of increasing social conflict and unrest. The visual arts have also provided a platform for much criticism, in the form of social commentary, from many literary and cultural critics, in the past and present.

Sculpture is a very old art form. In fact, sculptural art dates back to the earliest of civilizations. It is the oldest form of art in the world, and it is prevalent among various cultures throughout the world. Examples of sculptures include the Egyptian Pyramids, the Greek Myriads, the Thai Chais, and the Indian Kundan.

The most common types of visual arts include fine art, photography, dance, and architecture. Photography is the art of capturing still-life or images with a digital camera. A common example of this type of photography is portraiture or landscape photography. Fine art is comprised of art forms such as painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Architecture is considered as one of the most significant art forms in the Classical period. One of the most famous examples of Classical architecture is the Parthenon, which was a temple built centuries ago in Athens, Greece. Other notable works by famous Greek and Roman artists include the Colosseum, the Academy, the Stadium, and the Pantheon. The most famous architectural example of the Classical period is the Etruscan city of Rome, which was built during the First Century CE.

These are only a few examples of forms of art used by humanity. They serve as a testament of how art has played an important role in the different cultures of various places all over the world since the dawn of civilization. Artists and creative individuals continue to explore new forms of art in order to bring forth artistic expressions that can further humanity’s progression as a whole.