Famous Indian Novelists


Famous Indian Novelists

A writer is the author or creator of any literary work including a novel or play, and is generally considered to be an author or poet according to the literary theory that upholds individuality in literature. More importantly, an author is said to be the maker or author of a work or of any part of it while a poet works on the composing part, while a playwriter pen names the ideas that are put into words by him/her. However, more widely defined, an author is somebody whose ideas or creations are given existence either by him/her or by somebody else. The term can also be used to denote the person who has written something and who owns the copyright of the work.

Novels and screenplays are the two categories of literary works that clearly belong to the category of creative writers. But when we speak of novel or a screenplay, we refer here to literary works that have been produced outside traditional means, through the medium of the media of motion pictures or the spoken word. Creative writers are said to have made contributions to the field by creating something new and different. On the other hand, short stories, screenplays and novels are produced within the conventional means of storytelling and writing. This distinction is important since a work of fiction may consist of many plots and/or characters, all of which belong to a single character if it is written in the form of a novel or a screenplay.

Novels and screenplays are the two main categories of creative writers, while the short stories are the third category of writers. All three categories of novelists or screenwriters belong to one general category: the author who is born with a natural talent for writing, who is nurtured and encouraged until he/she turns into a fully-fledged author; or, the writer who is not born with a natural talent but who is inspired by a higher power or a spiritual teacher and who then pens a collection of his thoughts and personal experiences as an author. Of these, the former are called natural writers while the latter are called inspired writers. Some well-known modern authors who were not born with any natural talent for writing are George Clooney, Sam Raimi and Pierce Brosnan.

While each category of writer has its own merits, they do not all share a commonality of purpose or even plot. The novels of George Clooney, Sam Raimi or Pierce Brosnan are all directed at people who are interested in serious topics of crime, thriller, war or romance. However, this does not mean that these authors do not entertain their readers. The plots of their novels are based on real events and the themes they bring forth are similar to those themes of real-life events. The only difference between the work of these writers is that while they may be novels, they are also screenplays.

The most famous short story writer of this century is American author Mark Twain. His great novels such as “A Connecticut Yankee” and “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” have earned him the rank of a poet and a writer par excellence. However, his most famous novel is “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” which remains his best-selling book. In this book, Twain offered his readers a view of life in the early years of the Progressive Era. He described life in the years when Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn were friends, and when social injustice was a widespread thing.

Indian author VS Naipaul is another example of a writer whose works are known all over the world. Born in 18uttir Pradesh in India, Naipaul gained international fame when his novel “The Road.” won him the Nobel Prize. While being a novelist, Naipaul has written several non-fiction books, most notably “The Gods of Mumbai” and “umed.” He has also written a children’s book, “Yehana,” which is popular among Indian parents.